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December 06 2014


A Golf Mat That can Actually Improve Your Swing

Whether you are running a driving range or simply looking to establish a practice spot at your home, you are going to eventually begin looking for golf mats. There are a few reasons these mats are so popular. One benefit is that they provide a level space for the golfer to practice from and work on their techniques. The benefit for property owners is that the mats can prevent your yard from being a scuffed up, often muddy mess.

Older versions of mats used to be notorious for not having a realistic texture or appearance, often seeming to be nothing more than a smaller version of the indoor/outdoor rugs used in homes. These mats were too flimsy to use without shifting and the “grass” was often too short. They also frequently wore out after just a few uses, so in busy clubs and ranges were always needing to be replaced.

These problems are not about aesthetics, but more about how they can train golfers into adjusting their swings to match the turf, making them less effective when back on genuine grass. This has been a problem, not just for beginners, but even for long time players who were trying to keep their skills sharp during times when they were unable to get on the course.
golf mats
Country Club Elite Golf Mats are a prime example of the cutting edge designs of golf mats which are now being produced. They are manufactured to provide users with an experience so close to genuine turf you will feel like you are on the course. These benefits are an extra, as the strength and durability of the mats have not been compromised, so you can expect them to wear and last as long as other models, if not longer.

Better still, you are no longer forced to use the one acceptable tee that went along with artificial mats, you can use the real wooden tees you know and trust, at a height that is comfortable for you. No more worrying over fat shots, instead you will be able to gain from mats what they were intended for, to improve your drives.

If you have not experienced the difference for yourself, you need to. Check out the reviews and products at www.realfeelgolfmats.com. Learn more about the difference these types of mats offer and why they are worth considering for your home, club or driving range. You can also find out all the information you need for ordering these for yourself.
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